The Vegan Mumbai Potluck

The team of volunteers at the Vegan Mumbai Foundation organizes various events, workshops, and initiatives, including:

- Vegan Potlucks/Retreats 

- Lectures and seminars

- Animal rights activism

- Community outreach and support. 

 FAQ -

What's a vegan potluck?

A vegan potluck is a potluck with a cause and to support the global vegan movement. It is usually a small program with a few participants.

What are the main activities during the vegan potluck?

1) We start with an introductory lecture then each member shares their views (philosophy), vegan stories, and activities in veganism i.e. animal rights campaign (advocacy) or welfare, etc.

2) Every participant brings fruits or any vegan food (as agreed by the organizing team). During vegan potluck, any food or drink coming from animal sources is strictly restricted. Also, participants are not expected to wear leather shoes or flash leather bags, etc.

How to attend a vegan potluck?

Check the upcoming Vegan Mumbai Potlucks, directly contact the host of the event, or register if the link is provided. All Potlucks advertised on Vegan Mumbai Portal are 100% FREE, you don't have to pay any fee to attend them.

How to host a vegan potluck?

Please, Email to: with details and also, WhatsApp your venue details including Google Map. 

Follow us at the link -

Some Guidance - Vegan Mumbai Potluck

 1) EATABLE —  

Most of us usually bring fruits and smoothies, please wash your fruits or freeze it if required. It will save our time.

2) Video/Pic —  

We do not record it. If you take a group or selfie picture with someone, please only upload it on social media with the consent of the individuals captured in the picture/video.

3) Timing —  

as per schedule.

Please, try your best to be punctual.

4) Cultural - 

Please, don't forget to Greet or Say Namaste, no matter whoever is at the door. If you will be entering the house of someone, please make sure to take off your shoes/slippers at the door.

5) Behavioral

Most importantly, manage your complaining and judgmental attitude (unknowingly, we often have it because of conditioning which reflects in our behavior), be the part of the team, be the part of solutions. We assure you, you will love it.

6) Feedbacks/Complaints/Proposals —  

Email to: 📬

7) Know Your Host -  

Brief introduction of our hosts are available on the Website. If you want to be a host, please do attend potlucks to learn better. It's a voluntary work.